A site that showcases my working model roller coasters with pictures, videos, tutorials and information.

Student's Model Coasters

Here I'd like to showcase models built using my system, but made by students.

If you use my design and building methods and build a model for a school project, send me pictures and a link to a video of your model, and I'll feature it here!

Send your pictures and video link of your creation along with information about your model (was it for a school project or a build a model project at your local amusement park?) to:

Flight of the Phoenix

Model Roller is proud to present our first Other Builders Model - Flight of the Phoenix, built by 17 year-old Steven Padgett of North Carolina. (Okay he's 18 now, but 17 when he built the model in the Spring of 2010.)

I was blown away by this first effort. In fact, he's one of the main reasons I started this website. I answered quite a few questions for him during the process.

Oh, and get this, he built the model for Carowinds 2010 Education Days in their "Coaster Mania" competition. And WON, not only a sweet plaque for Overall Winner for the High School Division, but also a blue ribbon for "Most Thrilling".


Name: The Flight of the Phoenix

Length: 35 feet, 4 inches

Height: 25 inches

Time from lift to station: 12 seconds

Built: Spring 2010


High Tech High School

Mrs. Writs class at High Tech High used the Flat Track System to build models for a physics day.  She reported that the students had much better results that with using the traditional ball track.  The pictures below show thier Flat Track models.  Great Job!

The Red Blaze

Shawn F. built this cool little model back in March of 2012 using the Flat Track method of building for a school project. His grade? An A of course. Congratulations Shawn!

Third Degree

Well folks, Steven Padgett did it a second time! For the 5th time he has won Overall winner at Coaster Mania at Carrowinds! This is his 2nd time winning in a row using's style of model. Here's a video of the model in action:

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