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This model coaster features a vertical loop and two helixes. It was custom built for our client Atomz Lab in the Charlotte, NC Metro area to demonstrate the forces, movement and make up of a real-life roller coaster. It was built with colors used by Atomz Lab in their logo and at their facility. We consulted with them and made suggestions on the design and then custom built this model based on that input. It was built at their facility in 3 days. The track was pre-cut and painted. The train and station/brake run where pre-built along with several components from the lift hill.

For information about Atomz Lab, visit their website:


Category:     Original Design

Built:           October, 2018

Base Size:    2 feet X 6 feet

Height:        24 inches (96 scale feet - 85 foot scale drop)

Length:        39 feet (1,872 scale feet long)

Scale:          O Scale 1:48 (1 inch equals 4 feet)