Dragons' Flight

Model Roller Coaster

This model is an original design. This model was built for the 2012 Maker Faire at Kansas City's Union Station. I had always wanted to do a dragon/medieval themed coaster. One of my longest models so far, it features a double loop threaded by a double interlocking corkscrew. These inversions are connected by what I call a Dragon's Tail loop. Also features an overbanked turn, a pass under the castle and the Dragon's Cave at the beginning. The finale is an undulating 570- degree helix. It was inspired by the availability of Medieval items at the craft store.


Category:    original design

Built:            June 2012

Base:           3 feet X 8 feet -  .91 m X 2.43 m

Height:        46 inches (184 scale feet tall) - 116 cm (56 scale meters)

Length:        73.5 feet (3,528 scale feet long) - 22.40 m (1,075 scale meters)

First Drop:   39 inches (156 scale feet) - 99 cm (47.54 scale meters)

First drop angle:   85 degrees

Number of inversions: 5 (the turn before the dungeon tunnel is an over-banked turn)

Name of the Dragon: Pete II (Pete I was the dragon logo from the Orient Express on the back wall of the now closed Screams of the Past exhibit at Union Station, Kansas City.)

Scale: O Scale (1:48) - one inch equals 4 feet