Here you will find information, pictures and video of models that are real-life roller coasters I have built. Many of them no longer exist, but a few of them are still around. Click on each model name and you will taken that models page, which includes information, pictures and video.

Project 31: The Roller Coasters of Worlds of Fun 1980/Screams of the Past

These models were all originally built in 2011 for my first special project: Project 31: The Roller Coasters of Worlds of Fun, 1980. 2011 marked 31 years since 1980, hence the Project 31 title. I built working models of all 5 coasters operating in the park in 1980. This project turned into my first public exhibition of my models, debuting at the Blue Djinn Gallery in Kansas City, MO in May, 2011. After a month there, it traveled to Union Station, Kansas City and was on display until August of 2011. The exhibit then went to Worlds of Fun for their roller coaster enthusiasts event, "Coaster Mayhem" and was part of the Worlds of Fun History display put on my our friends over at

After its weekend run at Worlds of Fun for Coaster Mayhem, the display became a long-term exhibit at Union Station called "Screams of the Past: The First Five Roller Coasters at Worlds of Fun". It ran from October of 2011 - March 2013 and it is estimated that over 15,000 visitors to Union Station saw this exhibit.

Real Life Roller Coasters

Vekoma MK-1200

Vekoma MK-1200

Real Life Concept Coasters Unrealized