Model Roller Coaster

This model was built to use my new custom Coaster Dynamix Statix train that I modified to work on my wheel system.  Originally it was going to be an aviation themed coaster, but after I was done installing the landscaping, it struck me as more a western themed ride.  So I choose Mustang for the name instead.


Category:  My own original Design

Built:           Late January, 2012 (7 days)

Base:           2 feet X 8 feet with a 2-foot X 4-foot bump out for the station

Height:        18 inches (72 scale feet) - 45.72 cm (21.95 meters)

Length:        35 feet - 10.66m     (1,680 scale feet - 512 scale meters)

Scale:          O Scale 1:48 (one inch equals 4 feet)

Duration:     30 seconds total; 8 seconds from the top of the lift to the station