Spiral Coaster

Model Roller Coaster

This unrealized coaster was designed by Intamin AG of Switzerland in mid 1980's.  I had seen the picture of this model in Amusement Business and forgot about it.  I recently discovered a picture of it online.  This coaster features opposing corkscrews, one left and then on right.  I've only seen this done in this layout on the Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm in California.  I tried to get the working model as close to the original picture as possible.  I added the station and for the most part the model is pretty accurate.  I used Coaster Dynamix's generic Intamin Statix for the car body on the train.


Category:              Unrealized Concept Coaster

Built:                     August, 2012

Base Size:              4 feet X 8 feet - 1.21 m X 2.43 m

Height:                  29 inches (116 scale feet) - 76.6 cm (35 scale meters)

Length:                  45 feet (2,160 scale feet) - 17.71 m (658 scale meters)

Scale:                    O Scale 1:48 - 1 inch equals four feet