Patriot's Charge

Model Roller Coaster

This model was built specifically to take and show the 2nd grade students at a local elementary school. They are known as "Patriots" so I took the logo from the school and used it for this model and added "Charge" to get the name. I've always wanted to do a red, white and blue coaster, so this was the one. The station is a stylized version of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The station approach/reduction brakes are high powered miniature magnets, a first for me. I am very pleased with the results. The base is two pieces: one is 20" X 48" long, the other is 20" X 30" long. It bolted together and separated so I could haul it in the back seat and trunk of the car.


Category:      Original Design

Built:             March, 2011

Base Size:    1 foot 8 inches X 6 feet 5 inches - .50 m X 1.98 m

Height:         18 inches (72 scale feet) - 45.72 cm (21.94 m)

Length:        25 feet (1,200 scale feet) - 7.62 meters (365.76 scale meters)

Scale:          O Scale 1:48 (1 inch equals 4 feet)