The Ethanator

Model Roller Coaster

The Ethanator was built in for the coasters namesake, Ethan as a surprise for his Amusement Park Themed Bar Mitzvah.  I made an extremely rare exception and built this model as a present for a dear friend to give to his son on this special day.  Featuring red supports, blue track and a yellow train and accents, the coaster fits a lot of action into it's 12 square feet of space.  It features a tunnel under a corner of the station towards the end.


Category:     Original Design

Built:              March, 2013

Base Size:     2 feet X 6 feet

Height:          34.5 inches (87 cm) - 138 scale feet (42 scale m)

First Drop:    27.75 inches (70.5 cm) - 111 scale feet ( 33.85 scale m)

Length:         47 feet (14.3 m) - 2,256 scale feet (687 scale m)

Inversions:   4 (double vertical loop and double corkscrew)

Duration:      7 seconds from top of lift to station

Scale:           O Scale 1:48 (1-inch equals 4 feet)