Rafter Blaster is modelcoasters.com’s first XL (extra-large) 1:24 scale model. It is twice the size of our O (1:48 scale) models. Because it is larger and heavier, the model moves a bit more realistically as compared to the smaller 1:48 O-scale models. This model was located at the now closed Roller Coaster Model Museum. It was built to fit the space above the Playtime: Roller Coaster Toy Gallery, which wasn’t practical for displaying any of our Toy Collection. This is an original design and not based on any particular real-life roller coaster. 


Category:     Original Design

Built:           May, 2015 (1 week to construct)

Base Size:     6’ X 28’ – 1.82 m X 8.53 m

Height:         52 inches (104 scale feet) – 132.8 cm (31.69 scale m)

First Drop:    49 inches (98 scale feet) – 124.46 cm (29.87 scale m)

Length:        82.5 feet (1,980 scale feet) – 25.14 m (603.5 scale m)

Inversions:   4 – 2 vertical loops, 2 corkscrews

Duration:     From top of lift, approximately 10 seconds

Scale:          G Scale 1:24 (1/2 inch equals 1 foot)