Red, White & Zoom

Model Roller Coaster

This model was built for the now closed Roller Coaster Model Museum. It was part of the “The Amusement Park” exhibit featuring the fictional “Cy’s World” amusement park. The exhibit was the first one visitors saw at the Museum, and explained the correlation between the history of the amusement park and the roller coaster and their development throughout the years. This was also’s first wooden style model. The main model seen here is “Red White & Zoom”, which replaced the first attempt, “Mast Mayhem” which I cheated on by drawing the wooden supports on the side of styrene plastic. I ultimately wasn’t happy with the look and undertook the task of building the individual bents. Though it only took 2 weeks to construct, I worked on it about 15 hours a day to get in completed. The model gets the name from the Red Train, White Structure and Zoom from the speed, of course! The 3-car train is a Coaster Dynamix Statix O scale train modified to run on my wheel system.  


Category:     Original Design

Built:             July 2015 - Time to construct: 2 weeks

Base Size:    10 feet X 6 feet (U-shaped layout)

Height:         23.25 inches (93 Scale Feet) – 59 cm (28.34 scale m)

First Drop:    21.25 inches (85 scale feet) –  54 cm (25.90 scale m)

Length:         46 Feet (2,208 Scale Feet) – 14 m (673 scale m)

Inversions:   0

Duration:      About 9 seconds from top of lift to station

Scale:           O Scale 1:48 (1 inch equals 4 feet)