In 2015, I realized a dream to open a roller coaster model museum. 

It was short lived, lasting only about five months. I learned a lot of valuable lessons and made several crucial mistakes. I wouldn't go back and change it either. 

Here you'll find a final video tour. It was filmed rushed and I didn't get good closeups of the exhibit signage, so I've put them here on this page along with pictures of the museum and it's exhibits.

Enjoy your tour!

General Museum Pictures

Special Exhibit: Worlds of Memories: The History of Worlds of Fun

Shortly after the museum opened, our friends over at Worlds of Fun.ORG put together and loaned us their vast collection of historic Worlds of Fun items. Here is a photo gallery of our first (and only!) Special Exhibit:


This link will take you over to our friends at Worlds of Fun.ORG. Warning: If you're into Worlds of Fun, you'll be here a while!


This link is for Robin Hall's albums on Flickr. The albums are for many projects he has worked on and also some proposals. Warning: if you're into theme parks and the like, you may be here a while, it's quite extensive!