Run-A-Way Mine Train

Model Roller Coaster

Six Flags Over Texas

1966 - Present

The Run-A-Way Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas is shown here as it appeared in the 1970's to the mid 1980's. Three noticeable differences are a black track (instead of today's red), orange, yellow and black trains and a now removed waterfall tunnel after the second lift.!  


Category:     Real Life Roller Coaster in operation since 1966

Built:           August/September, 2014

Base Size:     6 Feet X 10 Feet -   1.82 m X 3.04 m

Height:         8.75 inches (35 scale feet) - 22.22 cm (10.66 scale meters)

First Drop:    not applicable

Length:        50 feet (2,400 scale feet) - 15.25 meters (731 scale meters)

Inversions:   0

Duration:     44 seconds (station to station)

Scale:          O Scale 1:48 (1 inch equals 4 feet)