Model Roller Coaster

Schussboomer (ACTUAL COASTER) operated at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO from 1972 through 1984.

The second model released as part of "Project 31: The Roller Coasters of Worlds of Fun, 1980". The actual coaster was the first completed ride at Worlds of Fun and was one of the three original coasters that opened with the park in 1973.

I was not able to put in all of the actual supports due to my car and track design, but this model does follow the track layout of the original ride.
It is categorized as a Wildcat 35m coaster, however this one was one of a kind. Where all the other models of this coaster have a swoop on the 3rd turn and swoops in the two helixes, Schussboomer did not.  It's third turn was flat and both helices descended at a constant angle.


Built: April 2011 (14 days)

Base Size:  54' X 2'

Height: 16" (64 scale feet, actual coaster was 45 feet tall)

Length: 31.25' (1,500 scale feet, 9 feet shorter than actual coaster).


PLEASE NOTE: The video below is of the 2011 model, not the 2013 model in the pictures above. I will get the 2013 model on video when I update my editing software. Having issues with my software and have not been able to update it yet! Thanks!