Shock Wave

Six Flags Over Texas

1978 - Present

This was my second real life roller coaster model.  The car bodies for the trains were built in Germany by my friend Rene Jachmich, who build static model roller coasters.  The Shock Wave opened in 1978 at Six Flags Over Texas. I rode it opening year, at the age of 10 with my Aunt Lynn, who took my Grandmother, cousin Chad and I down so we could check out a "Loop the Loop" roller coaster for the first time.  


Category:     Real Life Roller Coaster   

Built:             December, 2010

Base Size:    4 feet X 18 feet - 1.21 m X 5.48 m

Height:         36 inches (144 scale feet - actual coaster was 116 feet tall) -

Length:        75 feet (3,600 scale feet) - 22.86 m (1097.28 scale meters)

Scale:          O Scale 1:48 (1 inch equals 4 feet)