The Great American Revolution

Six Flags Magic Mountain

1976 - Present

After almost 9 months of continuous construction, the model of The Great American Revolution that opened in 1976 at Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA is finally done. It was the first roller coaster to feature a vertical loop in the modern era, and was the largest steel roller coaster in the world at the time. This model features a first; a working floodlight system around the circuit and chaser lights. As with all of my models of real life coasters, it is not to scale (It's higher and longer than the actual Revolution), due to gravity and speed not being able to scale down, This is not a perfect exact recreation, but rather a model that captures the spirit of the real ride as it appeared in 1976. 

This was one of my “ultimate” coaster models that I had wanted to build for a long time. I like many, first became aware of the Revolution through the 1977 movie, “Rollercoaster!”. It was a very complicated model to build, and came apart in 3 pieces for transport. 


Category:     Real Life Coaster

Built:           9 Months, completed January, 2015

Base Size:     21 X 8 feet

Height:         difference between low and high point is 160 scale feet 

First Drop:    25 inches (100 scale feet)

Length:        83 feet

Inversions:   1

Duration:     27 seconds (12 seconds from end of lift to the station)

Scale:          O Scale 1:48 (1 inch equals 4 feet)