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Back in 2015, I had built a generic version of the Vekoma Tornado. I was also working on putting together the now closed Roller Coaster Model Museum. There are 3 versions of this real-life coaster in existence today.

After completing the model, I took the model down to my hometown of Wichita, KS to share the model with a group of youth at a friend’s Spring Break camp.

Once I returned home and continued working on the Roller Coaster Model Museum things came together very quickly.

I wanted to put a small working model in the front window to give potential visitors and idea of what the museum was about. I attempted to use the Tornado, but it was too large for the space, and blocked the door to the museum office.

With only a week to go and limited supplies for a new model, I made the decision to recycle parts of the Tornado into a new model for the front window. The new model became the 23rd Street Screamer, named for the street the museum was located on.

After making the model I realized I had not made a video for the Tornado. I did shoot some footage of the Screamer. 


Tornado Model Complete.png

Tornado Photo Gallery